Ghana Diaspora Community Survey

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The Establishment of a Diaspora Affairs Desk

As a landmark achievement on the part of the Government of Ghana, to formalize the engagement of the Ghanaian diaspora for effective migration management and national development planning, a Diaspora Affairs Desk has been established at the Ghana High Commission, Kenya. The Desk was established as part of a national diaspora engagement project to provide a sustainable link between the Ghanaian diaspora and various government agencies to achieve development and investment goals. The new Diaspora Affairs Desk, which operates directly under the Head of Mission, with the support of the President and Minister for Foreign Affairs, is responsible for national diaspora engagement with the various Associations and Professionals within Kenay and East Africa and the areas of concurrent accreditation. The primary objectives include the creation of a diaspora database, engagement of the Ghana professional diaspora for national development, awareness campaigns, research, and coordination with migration and development stakeholders.

Mission’s Engagement Strategy

The functions of the Diaspora Affairs Desk, which cut across the work of various Sections of the Mission, may be classified under consular; trade and investment; and education/Culture/technical cooperation as follows:

Consular Functions

  1. To identify and establish contacts with all Ghanaian Associations (in so doing the Desk is expected to create and sustain a relationship and trust between the Mission and the Diaspora)
  2. Organize regular meetings with the Ghanaian Community to ascertain their needs, challenges, interest and views on national issues
  3. Ensure timely delivery of Diaspora requests and services.


Trade, Investment and Technical Cooperation Functions

  1. Operate as a one-stop shop for investment information
  2. Share information on developments in Ghana including investment opportunities and avenues for business financing
  3. Facilitate organization of business events for the Diaspora Community
  4. Match local entrepreneurs, business owners and government leaders with their Diaspora counterparts
  5. Create exclusive international network of business leaders
  6. Map out Diaspora geography and skills to facilitate collaborative research between Diaspora and local actors
  7. Engage Diaspora as practitioners to fill resource and knowledge gaps
  8. Support collaborative research between Diaspora and local actors
  9. Connect communities across national borders through twinning arrangements
  10. Support training programmes provided by the private sector and international organizations for capacity building


Diaspora Database

In order for the Mission to create a database of the diaspora community, the Embassy will appreciate your assistance in completing the attached survey form.

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